Monday, March 1, 2010

Dry Cleaning Services (7 days a week/ 13hrs per day)

Dry Cleaning Services to your Organization, Hospitals, Labs and Semi Conductor Factories. Call us Now at 03-2096 9308 or fax RFQ to 03-2096 9309. We cater Klang Valley 13hrs /Day and 7 days/week. Short and Long term contract available.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Terms & Conditions

1. DELIVERY AND COLLECTION. We shall be responsible for collection of the soiled articles everyday at the client site between 4:00- 9:00pm. All clean articles to be delivered back to the client site on the next working day. (Subject to Review & Agreed by Both Party)

2. PACKING MATERIAL. We shall provide packing materials such as, hangers, coat covers and packing plastic bags.

3. WASHING FORMULA. All the laundry articles must be washed separately, together with specially formulated chemicals that suits the garments material and maintains the high level of hygiene.

4. MATERIAL DECLARED. We will not receive any leather materials for washing or dry cleaning.

5. LIABILITY.We shall not be liable for any articles or monies that are left in the laundry for washing, dry cleaning or pressing.

We shall not be accountable for any damages to the garments due to wear and tear. Any compensation due to negligence of the contractor, the client shall be compensated for a maximum Ten(10) times the amount of cleaning charge or actual which even is less.

6. LAUNDRY, DRY CLEANING AND PRESSING FEE. Please request for RFQ to , fax : 03-2096 9309 or email :

7. EQUIPMENT/ UTILITIES FAILURE. The client should undertake the full chargeable price to contractor if the contractor outsourced a 3rd party Laundry for Washing, Dry Cleaning and Pressing Service in case of any unforseen breakdown of equipment or utilities failure.

8. All payment are to be made payable to Petit Bebe (CIMB Account no. 1229-0000619-10-6)

9. For further information, kindly contact:

019 - 221 2688 (MAT)